How Do We Work?

"Visual Tales pretends to be more than a photography company, we want to tell stories with our photographs"

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The first contact with the client is fundamental to establish the bases and communication with

what you want to achieve with the photographic campaign. For this reason it is very important

to mark very well the aesthetic line with which the project is going to be carried out. In this step

the client presents his product to us together with the project he has in mind and from there

we develop the proposal adding our creativity.


Once we have clear the objective of the campaign, it is time to create an aesthetic according to

the guidelines to follow with the project. The preparation of a "mood- board" with inspiration

and reference photos are very useful to teach the client and thus have a more accurate picture

of how the campaign would look.


Now with the defined style and the clear concept to follow for the campaign, it is time to make

a selection of models in case they are required and to choose in which locations the campaign

will be developed. In addition to this search is necessary to make a production plan with a

timeline of which will be the dates and times of the shooting and delivery dates of the material

of the campaign so both for the client as we have a more specific forecast of the times that we

have to make the photographic campaign.


After a great pre-production work, the moment of shooting comes. We have the great luck of

being a team of two photographers, that helps the rapport during the shooting, while one is

capturing photographs, the other can prepare other elements and give the optimal directions

for the development of the shooting. As we have already mentioned before, as a team it is

always better!


Finally, open the computer and import the photographs. It is here when the second part of

the shooting takes part. Touch to make selection of the best photographs and their edition.

And with all this we will proceed to the delivery of the photographic mate- rial to the client.

This is when we want the work done to meet the client's expectations.

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