Visual Tales pretends to be more than a photography company, we want to tell stories with our photographs.

Created by photographers Alex Rodriguez and Gerard Moral, two freelance photographers who one day decided to join their desire to do photography to carry out this project, because it has always been said that the team always works better.

Every company that has a corporate image needs a good photograph to sell its product. That's why commercial photography is so important when it comes to promoting yourself. Nowadays the style of commercial photography based on the "lifestyle" is a concept of photography that works very well since both the product together with the / the model are shown in a very natural and spontaneous way, that is why it is a type of photography very useful for social networks and web to create "image" of each company.

Since the potential customer is very identified and can empathize with the product. Visual Tales works from the presentation of the project, through the production of the same and the final delivery of the photographs. In this way, the entire development of the photographic campaign is carried out from beginning to end.

If you continue reading you will find in more detail the way of working and some more recent works with different clients.

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